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teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dental Whitening in Alabaster-Birmingham
Professional teeth whitening is a popular, safe and economical way to make cosmetic changes to your smile. Today’s whitening products are easy to use and allow you to "touch up" periodically to keep a brighter smile.

Why aren’t my teeth as white as they used to be?

We offer a Home Whitening system in our practice.
We will provide you with a set of acrylic trays fitted to your teeth; these are designed to hold professionally formulated whitening gel. Wearing the whitening trays filled with the gel solution for about an hour a day usually lightens teeth after a few weeks.

Teeth Whitening products actually bleach natural tooth enamel only; some types of discoloration will not respond to whitening:

Are you ready for a brighter smile? Contact us to learn more about teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental treatments available in our practice.